Hydration is the most important element that our body requires. Since our bodies are made up of 60% water, it is bound to be the most important thing we give our bodies. Maintaining this ratio can be a bigger task for kids because of their excessive activity that is required for physical development in children. So, here are some ways in which you can keep you kids hydrated:

  1. Offer abundant water before every meal:

Not just kids, but adults as well start feeling hungry too frequently in a day. What we don’t realize is that a human body just perceives itself to be hungry all the time, whereas, in reality, it is just thirsty. So, drinking two glasses of water before a meal will limit the intake of food in the body and increase hydration levels in children. You can make it a routine not just for your kids but also for yourself before every meal.

  1. Pack water bottles for every outing:

Always remember to pack a water bottle with the other things whenever you are stepping out with your children. Even if it is a trip to the park, carry a handy water bottle. The concept of ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ may be applied here. If a person does not see something often, they tend to forget about it. So, make sure you are carrying a water bottle everywhere with you, so your kids don’t have to make excuses not to drink water and remember to have it frequently.

  1. Try health drinks instead:

Although water is the best source of hydration for everyone, sometimes kids can be fussy while drinking too much water in a day. As parents, you have to remember how to trick your kids into being hydrated. One option can be choosing the best health drink for your kids that are free from added preservatives, sugar, and other harmful substances. The idea is to keep the drink as natural as possible. Try making healthy shakes, juices, and smoothies to hydrate your kids.

  1. Try to make meals that are rich in water content:

Instead of serving your children solid food in all meals, you can try to substitute one of them with a semi-solid dish, such as vegetable soup. Soup can be incorporated in dinner as it should be the lightest meal of the day, yet providing all the nutrition and benefits to the child. In case you do not want to substitute any meals, you can make it a routine to have abundant salads before every meal. Vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, etc. are rich in water content and can be eaten raw as well. This will also be a source of hydration for the kid.

Hydration does not necessarily have to be achieved by drinking tons of water. It can also be achieved by substituting some of the amounts with water-based foods, or by tricking the child’s brain into believing they are not drinking water!