Ways Self-Care Makes You a Better Mom

“Prioritize my health. Take care of me first.” These are phrases, that to most mothers seem selfish and/or impossible. After becoming a mother most women begin to slowly neglect their own desires and needs in an effort to provide for their children. The result – emotional overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment, slowed progress, lack of energy, increased health problems, and so much more. What is important for women to understand is that taking care of yourself first, actually makes you a better mom.

When You Put Yourself Last

Women who neglect self-care for the sake of their children are actually doing their families a total disservice. When you stop caring for your appearance, taking care of your hygiene, eating, exercising, getting enough sleep, and finding ways to enjoy life and unwind, your emotional and physical wellbeing are at risk. Many overwhelmed mothers struggle with a range of problems from weight gain and insomnia to depression and addiction. They eventually burn out and need to work with a therapist or enroll in a women’s recovery center to overcome their challenges.

In the meantime, your children are watching you, absorbing this information, and applying it to their own lives. You’re not focused, your temper is short, and the kids are often the ones that suffer. For women who struggle with mental illness, isolation often causes them to miss out on a lot of quality time with their kids.

Benefits of Practicing Self-Care as a Mom

Now that you see what happens when you don’t practice self-care as a mom, let’s take a closer look at the benefits if you do.

Your Physical Health Improves

Women who neglect self-care will eventually find that their physical health is not as it once was. From limited exercise or poor eating habits, they often struggle with their weight which can lead to a number of long-term and life-threatening diseases and illnesses. They also experience limited energy and extreme fatigue.

Doing things like eating a well-balanced diet and exercising lead to improved physical health. You reduce your risk of serious disease and illness and regain the strength, energy, and stamina you need to get through each day.

Your Mental Health Improves

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. Women who do not take care of their minds find that life gets a lot more challenging. From mood swings and short tempers to chronic stress and depression, they suffer and ultimately, so do their children.

Learning how to manage the stress in your life, coping when times are difficult, and how to do things that you enjoy can greatly improve your emotional health. When you’re in a better mood this reflects on your family.

Sets a Positive Example

Remember, children are like sponges and they’re watching your every move. No matter how often you tell them something, it is your actions they pay the most attention to. When you begin to develop practices and routines that allow you to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing, your children see this. They see how healthy you are and in a better position to enjoy life. As a result, they want to keep some of these same practices in their own lives remembering to put themselves first.

More Equipped to Be a Better Mom

Try being a mother with no energy, limited sleep, weight issues, emotional troubles, and a number of other physical and mental problems. Chances are, you wouldn’t last very long. You’re not able to complete all the responsibilities a mother often has and you’re not fully present in the lives of your children.

When you feel good inside and out, you’re more equipped to be a better mother to your children. You have the energy, physical capabilities, and emotional willpower necessary to navigate the often windy road of parenting.

Putting yourself first when it comes to your overall wellbeing isn’t selfish at all. In fact, it is the best gift that you can give your children (and yourself). When you practice self-care by taking the time necessary to care for your body and mind, you’re in the best shape of your life to continue being the awesome mother your children need.


Avoid these Common Mistakes When Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny to care for your children is not an easy task. You want not only the best possible care for your child, but you want someone who will care for them the way that you would care for them. The ability of nannies to be able to accommodate personal requests and tailor their services to meet the needs of the family is one of the things that make hiring a nanny such a good idea. The top priority is the safety of your children and your home.

Many people use the services of a nanny agency in London which guarantees the certification and background of the nannies on their list. Whether you choose to utilize an agency or find a nanny on your own, there are some hiring mistakes you don’t want to make.

Not Performing a Background Check

Finding a qualified nanny is no easy task and ultimately the decision and responsibility are yours to undertake. When you have found a nanny that you are considering, do not forego the background check just because you really like the candidate. This includes speaking to their former employer candidly and openly about their experience. The nanny should also have certain personality traits or qualities that ensure they are going to be a good fit for your household. The following questions can help you make the right decision:

  • Does she have the ability to communicate honestly and openly?
  • Does she have an acceptable level of patience?
  • Does she allow more TV time than play time?
  • Does she have good reading skills?
  • Does she gossip?
  • Does she take initiative and show problem-solving skills?

You want a nanny with a clear background not only when it comes to the law, but also in her previous work. It is important to make sure you can communicate with your nanny and that she responds appropriately to you and your family.

Not Paying the Standard Rate

The professional nanny services in the UK have a standard market rate or average price range for their services. These rates change depending on the type of contract agreed between the parties and the area in the UK in which the agency and the family are located. Paying less than the average rate will make it considerably harder for you to find and keep a reliable nanny. If you require a qualified and experienced nanny, it is important that you are willing to pay the standard rate.

Make sure that you discuss wages and taxes when talking about salary. The amount you tell the nanny you will pay for her services should be clear that it is the salary before taxes. Make sure the nanny is clear on what her actual take-home pay will be. It is also important to discuss what the overtime rate will be as well as compensation such as sick days, holidays, and vacations.

Additionally, it is a good idea to set aside a certain amount, or an allowance for things that the child may need during the day, or for an occasional outing. Don’t expect that because you pay the nanny, she should use her paycheck to buy basic necessities for your child or foot the bill for a movie outing.

Requiring too Much from the Nanny

Be careful that your expectations of your nanny are realistic. Your nanny is there to provide the best care possible for your child and that includes cleaning up after them or maybe emptying the dishwasher. Do not expect the nanny to spend the time your child is sleeping to be doing household chores such as vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. Remember the only interaction the nanny usually has in a typical day is the interaction with your child. There are no adults to converse with and breaks are rare. It is important to allow time for her to make a call or have a quiet cup of coffee or tea during the day. Make sure that your expectations are clear and acceptable to both parties.

Not Outlining the Terms of the Contract in Writing

It is important to ensure that you have some sort of contract for both you and your nanny to sign. Regardless of whether you are planning on hiring the nanny for a short time or the whole year, a written contract binds both the parties involved and outlines what is expected of them. The contract does not have to be a legal document. Even a few pages, outlining what is expected of the nanny including the terms and conditions with respect to payment terms and job duties would suffice. Any qualified local nanny agency in your area can help you in drawing a written contract.


What are parental controls?

Parental control regulates are software program and resources that permit parents to create controls on the children’s web use. They are an effective way of assisting prevent kids from being able to access unsuitable content material online.

Internet Matters is promoting an internet app (hyperlink is exterior) that enables you to create the personalized list for environment Familoop – parental controls for the internet in your house and in your family’s products. This contains information on the environment the controls for the home broadband and also the mobile devices your loved ones may make use of, including how-to movies and step-by-step instructions.

Types of controls

Talk associated with ‘controls’ can often be confusing. Essentially, there tend to be three kinds that mother and father need to understand:

  1. Network degree controls tend to be set about the hub or even router and affect all devices attached to that center or router (covering all of your households).
  2. Device degree controls tend to be set about the device by itself, such as a Smartphone, and may apply it doesn’t matter how and in which the device is attached to the web.
  3. Application regulates are set about the platform or even application that’s being utilized. Examples of the will be the settings put on Google or even YouTube. Once again, these utilize anywhere.

What do they do?

There are lots of types associated with controls obtainable, and they permit you to do a variety of things, for example:

  • The filter as well as block content that you simply don’t want your kids to observe, such because of violence as well as pornography.
  • Restrict exactly what information is actually shared.
  • Set period limits how long kids are on the internet.
  • Control the time that kids can access the web.
  • Set various profiles to ensure that each member of the family has a good access level that’s appropriate for them.

Home broadband controls

Most web providers such as BT, Skies, Talk Talk as well as Virgin Press offer free of charge filters(hyperlink is exterior), providing you with control more than what web content makes your house. This implies that any gadget that connects to your house broadband is susceptible to the controls you have set in your home router or even hub. These are occasionally known as ‘whole house filters’.

Internet-enabled devices

Smartphone’s (hyperlink is exterior), computers as well as tablets(hyperlink is exterior) tend to be shipped along with controls that may be set as much as restrict the use of explicit content material, in-app purchasing along with other content you don’t want your son or daughter to entry.
Most consoles and products are internet-enabled, allowing customers to surf the net, as nicely as in-game buying and talk to other on the internet players. All of the major video gaming consoles as well as devices arrive with controls (hyperlink is exterior) which allow parents to determine what may and can’t be done, both about the console by itself and within online video gaming platforms, for example, Xbox Reside. Some permit you to set upward different information with various rights for every family fellow member.

Search engines

It’s feasible that kids may sometimes run into things online that are inappropriate for his or her age as well as stage associated with development once they are browsing the web. The main search engines like google permit you to set upward filters (hyperlink is exterior), for example, Google Safe Search, that will help you prevent inappropriate or even explicit images out of your results. These filters aren’t 100% precise, but they assist you to avoid the majority of the adult content material. You also need to consider encouraging using child-friendly search engines like google such because of Swiggle as well as Safe Research UK.


Just What Top Work from Home Business for Stay-At-Home Mother and Father?

Wanting to remain aware of your kids, but unsure ways to still lead financially for your family may put you inside a quandary. Nevertheless, working at home could be a flexible option letting you have a household and function, too. However, you need to work inside a top work from home business that is actually proven efficient and monetarily effective with regard to stay-at-home mother and father. Knowing exactly what options you’ve can help you choose a high work from home business for stay-at-home mother and father.

The very first top work from home business for stay-at-home mother and father is healthcare transcription. This top work from home business can meet your needs if you’ve got a good command from the English vocabulary and a chance to type nicely. This top work from home business also needs little cost to do business and gear. Accounting is actually another top work from home business for stay-at-home mother and father, though you’ll need accounting abilities to conduct the task effectively.

Since you’re already caring for your own personal children all day long, you may make the most of another top work from home business in neuro-scientific child treatment. This top work from home business allows you to definitely spend time together with your children, but do observe that many says have standards regarding the number associated with children you are able to care for in your house along with safety and health standards that must definitely be met.

Do you love to cook? Catering is actually another top work from home business for stay-at-home mother and father. You can perform many of the work in your own home, but this particular top work from home business also enables you to get away from home a tiny bit to cater a meeting. If you’re creative, but cooking isn’t your point, craft producing and promoting is an additional top work from home business. Crafts are often marketed, and this work from home business allows you to definitely work close to your children’s agendas.

Writing skills may also open opportunities for any top work from home business. You may freelance create articles with regard to magazines, papers, e-zines, web sites, businesses, and much more. Publishing, as well as writing e-books, is actually another method to get involved with a top work from home business.