The ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, but especially kids. They are always encouraged to step out of the house and socialize with other children in the nearby parks, giving them the dual advantage of exercising outdoors and making new friends at the same time. Some children are hyperactive and demand this time. Outdoor activities promote good wellbeing and socializing provides new experiences and friendships for kids.

The best and only way to be safe in these times is to stay indoors, which deprives the kids of the above-mentioned basic needs. Here are some ways on how to handle hyperactive kids:

  1. Go on jogs with your child:

Jogging is a great way to release pent-up energy in the body. Hyperactive children have excess energy in their bodies, which will find an escape when they jog. This will make their body tired and that will result in a calm and steady behavior for the rest of the day. This will also put the child to sleep early because of a lack of energy in the body at the end of the day. So, that means no more sleepless nights for parents!

  1. Fix a schedule:

Organizing and putting together a fixed schedule can prove to be very helpful for the child, especially at this time. As parents, you must make sure that the schedule has some, or the other physical activity incorporated between other chores to let that energy flow out of the child’s body. He/she will stop finding other odd ways of releasing extra energy, such as throwing tantrums or lacking attention in various tasks. Parents must make a wholesome schedule that suits their child’s personal needs and includes a lot of physical activities in between other tasks.

  1. Engage the child in household chores:

Setting up the house, cleaning, and dusting the furniture also requires energy. If the kid is involved in these day-to-day chores, then it is less likely for him/her to go outdoors. Kids love engagements, be it of any kind. They would not even come to know that they have cut down on all the accumulated energy and, at the same time, completed the chores of the house.

  1. Positive reinforcement:

Start giving the child some type of positive reinforcement every time they display a calm behavior. Children want attention and recognition from their parents. So, giving them exactly that will keep them happy as well as get the job done for you. As an example, every time your kid reads a book or studies peacefully, you can treat him/her with healthy and yummy banana pancakes that are quick to make as well!

These are some of the parenting tips for preschoolers as well as hyperactive children. If followed regularly and thoroughly, they can leave a pleasant effect on the child. These tips are not necessarily pandemic-specific but can be used even in normal day-to-day life.