Ways Self-Care Makes You a Better Mom

“Prioritize my health. Take care of me first.” These are phrases, that to most mothers seem selfish and/or impossible. After becoming a mother most women begin to slowly neglect their own desires and needs in an effort to provide for their children. The result – emotional overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment, slowed progress, lack of energy, increased health problems, and so much more. What is important for women to understand is that taking care of yourself first, actually makes you a better mom.

When You Put Yourself Last

Women who neglect self-care for the sake of their children are actually doing their families a total disservice. When you stop caring for your appearance, taking care of your hygiene, eating, exercising, getting enough sleep, and finding ways to enjoy life and unwind, your emotional and physical wellbeing are at risk. Many overwhelmed mothers struggle with a range of problems from weight gain and insomnia to depression and addiction. They eventually burn out and need to work with a therapist or enroll in a women’s recovery center to overcome their challenges.

In the meantime, your children are watching you, absorbing this information, and applying it to their own lives. You’re not focused, your temper is short, and the kids are often the ones that suffer. For women who struggle with mental illness, isolation often causes them to miss out on a lot of quality time with their kids.

Benefits of Practicing Self-Care as a Mom

Now that you see what happens when you don’t practice self-care as a mom, let’s take a closer look at the benefits if you do.

Your Physical Health Improves

Women who neglect self-care will eventually find that their physical health is not as it once was. From limited exercise or poor eating habits, they often struggle with their weight which can lead to a number of long-term and life-threatening diseases and illnesses. They also experience limited energy and extreme fatigue.

Doing things like eating a well-balanced diet and exercising lead to improved physical health. You reduce your risk of serious disease and illness and regain the strength, energy, and stamina you need to get through each day.

Your Mental Health Improves

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. Women who do not take care of their minds find that life gets a lot more challenging. From mood swings and short tempers to chronic stress and depression, they suffer and ultimately, so do their children.

Learning how to manage the stress in your life, coping when times are difficult, and how to do things that you enjoy can greatly improve your emotional health. When you’re in a better mood this reflects on your family.

Sets a Positive Example

Remember, children are like sponges and they’re watching your every move. No matter how often you tell them something, it is your actions they pay the most attention to. When you begin to develop practices and routines that allow you to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing, your children see this. They see how healthy you are and in a better position to enjoy life. As a result, they want to keep some of these same practices in their own lives remembering to put themselves first.

More Equipped to Be a Better Mom

Try being a mother with no energy, limited sleep, weight issues, emotional troubles, and a number of other physical and mental problems. Chances are, you wouldn’t last very long. You’re not able to complete all the responsibilities a mother often has and you’re not fully present in the lives of your children.

When you feel good inside and out, you’re more equipped to be a better mother to your children. You have the energy, physical capabilities, and emotional willpower necessary to navigate the often windy road of parenting.

Putting yourself first when it comes to your overall wellbeing isn’t selfish at all. In fact, it is the best gift that you can give your children (and yourself). When you practice self-care by taking the time necessary to care for your body and mind, you’re in the best shape of your life to continue being the awesome mother your children need.

Baby Foods

Helping Parents Streamline Meals and Snacks

Mornings can be rough for any parent, especially those who have to pack multiple lunches and need to work hard to ensure that their children are out the door with a healthy lunch, snack, and breakfast. While it can be easy to throw pre-packaged food in a lunchbox, parents must make sure that they choose the best and healthiest options on the market, such as the ones from These have been designed specifically to give parents healthy choices when planning meals or snacks and to ensure that growing children get the nutrition they need.

Making Good Decisions Quickly

When kids are hungry or parents are in a hurry packing lunches or snacks, then it’s key that healthy options are available so that good decisions can easily be made. It’s very easy to pack unhealthy options in a hurry, which is why making sure that healthy choices are on hand is such a good idea. Cheese snacks are a wonderful way to fill the gap in any meal or snack and provide great nutrition for growing children without parents having to perform a lot of prep.

Ensure Health at School

Since children are so often bombarded with unhealthy decisions, it’s up to their parents to make sure that they are also surrounded by good choices. Having cheese snacks on hand to pack in lunchboxes can help to meet the dietary needs of children and ensure that they are getting healthy food when at school. This is key to helping children focus and giving them the energy that they need to be successful.

Give Children Independence

As kids get older and want to pack their own lunches or snacks for school, parents need to make sure that they have healthy options on hand that are fun and that appeal to them. Cheese snacks such as the ones from this company are a great option because they appeal to kids, taste great, and are healthy. For these reasons, they are often packed in lunchboxes and taken for school snacks.

Make Lunch and Snack Fun

Food should be fun and that’s where delicious cheese products come into play. Not only do they taste great but they are a lot of fun to play with and to eat. When children are engaged with their meals at school, they are much more likely to make healthy decisions. This can give parents peace of mind as they know that their children are getting the healthy snacks they need and are still having fun eating them.

All products from this incredible company are welcome additions in a lunchbox. They are a fun option for any child or adult to take for a healthy snack. This is due to the fact that they are healthy pre-packaged options and they are ideal for busy parents who may otherwise struggle to come up with a great lunch for their children. Making healthy lunches and snacks can be stressful but choosing these delicious snacks will help any parents streamline the process and ensure that they feel good about the decisions they make.


Why Wooden Toys Are Better for Kids than Plastic Ones

When trying to select playmates (as toys) for kids, parents need to consider whether to select plastic ones or go for more natural and safe wooden toys. Here is more at stake than just buying an entertainment item for kids. Parents have to consider safety for kids and the environment before making a selection. It is confusing to come to a decision without all the facts at hand. So, here we are offering parents a few suggestions why wooden toys are best for kids rather than plastic ones.

Wooden Toys are Easy To Recycle: We all know that plastic is harmful to the environment being unrecyclable. And as social beings we need to do our part in saving the environment. Surprisingly, you can contribute to nature when you are trying to buy the best toy for your kids, by selecting toys made of wood. When you view wooden toys by John Crane and other modern wooden playable items for kids, you would know that these wooden toys are made from trees from sustainable forests. Here a balance of cutting and planting trees is maintained to replenish the source. Therefore, it doesn’t harm the environment at all, while putting a smile on your kid’s face.

Plastic is Harmful: Plastic is not exactly good for your children to keep around. As toddlers show a habit of putting toys in mouth, plastic toys can put them at risk of being poisoned. However, wooden toys are made from natural products that are not toxic to your kids, therefore, crossing off the risk of poisoning. Plus, plastic toys are painted with chemicals that can react to your kid’s skin or do more harm when consumed. On the other hand, natural elements of wooden toys can keep your kids happy and healthy.

Plastic Toys Break Easily: In comparison, wood will always win over plastic in durability. Wood is organic and its’ link between molecules is much stronger than plastic. Therefore, buying your kids a wooden toy would be an investment of a lifetime. Plus, as plastic can break pretty easily, there stands a risk of your kid accidentally consuming them or slicing their hands, legs, face on a sharp edge. But, wood doesn’t break easily, so you kid can play safely and you can rest easy.

Plastic Becomes Toxic With Age: When you are looking for the perfect toys for your kids, you need to view wooden toys by John Crane and other natural products rather than plastic ones. Why? Because with time plastic becomes more toxic, reacting with the environment and temperature. However, wood doesn’t react to natural hazard therefore, your kids can always turn to their old wooden toys to enjoy a good fun time.

Your kids are your world and you need to offer them something that has meaning and roots to their heritage. What better to choose other than wooden toys that really had roots socially and physically. Plus, wooden toys can make your child nostalgic about the time they have spent with their toys playing funny games in their childhood. These are the memories that plastic toys cannot offer.

So, think hard before making a choice about buying toys for your kid. It may seem like an easy choice with all those shiny plastic toys decorated in the stores. But, if you give it a thought, you would understand that plastic toys will never be the trustworthy play companion you seek for your kids, which only wooden toys can offer.


Amazing Baby Carriers at The Click of Your Computer Mouse

You have a baby and you can’t leave her with the other members of your family. And that’s because babies are difficult to handle and not everyone is a skilled babysitter. As a result, you must take her out wherever you go. It might sound like a great idea, but it’s not always convenient to carry your baby along with you, especially when you are out for grocery shopping or some other engaging work. Since leaving her home is not an option, you can buy a good baby carrier so that you can allow your baby to accompany you.

The fact, that the market is flooded with baby carrier brands, makes it difficult for you to buy one that best suits your requirements. But because you can’t do without one, you must make an informed selection. The first thing to consider while buying a baby carrier is the quality. Make sure it’s of premium quality or your baby will not feel comfortable inside it. Generally, we don’t pay heed to the scores of indications that a baby provides when he is feeling uncomfortable. Babies are delicate creatures and even a speck of discomfort can send them into that ‘don’t stop crying’ mode.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your baby is happy and comfortable. A good quality baby carrier may be expected to take care of such considerations. Buying one of those top-rated baby carriers also has other advantages. You get the better finish. When you are buying a baby product, what is of utmost importance is the finishing of the product. Poorly finished products can cause harm to the baby’s skin. Another important benefit you get is the comfort. A good quality baby carrier may be expected to be comfortable for the baby.

More than anything else, it is the comfort of the baby that matters. If the baby carrier you have chosen to buy is not comfortable, it’s useless regardless of how expensive it is. Expensive is not always equal to good. A baby carrier may be expensive but not suitable for your baby. Never bring such items home. Go for a product that is reasonably priced. Going for a too cheap baby carrier can be risky; choosing to spend a fortune on it is also not wise.

Another thing to consider is the design of the baby carrier. There are so many baby carrier designs available these days that choosing the best one won’t be a problem for you. Generally, baby carriers are found in light and subtle colors. But if you want the carrier to look vibrant, you can go for bold and vibrant shades. There is probably no color that doesn’t suit a baby. There are plenty of baby carriers available online. You can choose one according to your specific requirements. When you buy a baby carrier from an online shopping source, you get value for money. And all you must do is place the order and wait for the product to get delivered at your doorstep.


Avoid these Common Mistakes When Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny to care for your children is not an easy task. You want not only the best possible care for your child, but you want someone who will care for them the way that you would care for them. The ability of nannies to be able to accommodate personal requests and tailor their services to meet the needs of the family is one of the things that make hiring a nanny such a good idea. The top priority is the safety of your children and your home.

Many people use the services of a nanny agency in London which guarantees the certification and background of the nannies on their list. Whether you choose to utilize an agency or find a nanny on your own, there are some hiring mistakes you don’t want to make.

Not Performing a Background Check

Finding a qualified nanny is no easy task and ultimately the decision and responsibility are yours to undertake. When you have found a nanny that you are considering, do not forego the background check just because you really like the candidate. This includes speaking to their former employer candidly and openly about their experience. The nanny should also have certain personality traits or qualities that ensure they are going to be a good fit for your household. The following questions can help you make the right decision:

  • Does she have the ability to communicate honestly and openly?
  • Does she have an acceptable level of patience?
  • Does she allow more TV time than play time?
  • Does she have good reading skills?
  • Does she gossip?
  • Does she take initiative and show problem-solving skills?

You want a nanny with a clear background not only when it comes to the law, but also in her previous work. It is important to make sure you can communicate with your nanny and that she responds appropriately to you and your family.

Not Paying the Standard Rate

The professional nanny services in the UK have a standard market rate or average price range for their services. These rates change depending on the type of contract agreed between the parties and the area in the UK in which the agency and the family are located. Paying less than the average rate will make it considerably harder for you to find and keep a reliable nanny. If you require a qualified and experienced nanny, it is important that you are willing to pay the standard rate.

Make sure that you discuss wages and taxes when talking about salary. The amount you tell the nanny you will pay for her services should be clear that it is the salary before taxes. Make sure the nanny is clear on what her actual take-home pay will be. It is also important to discuss what the overtime rate will be as well as compensation such as sick days, holidays, and vacations.

Additionally, it is a good idea to set aside a certain amount, or an allowance for things that the child may need during the day, or for an occasional outing. Don’t expect that because you pay the nanny, she should use her paycheck to buy basic necessities for your child or foot the bill for a movie outing.

Requiring too Much from the Nanny

Be careful that your expectations of your nanny are realistic. Your nanny is there to provide the best care possible for your child and that includes cleaning up after them or maybe emptying the dishwasher. Do not expect the nanny to spend the time your child is sleeping to be doing household chores such as vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. Remember the only interaction the nanny usually has in a typical day is the interaction with your child. There are no adults to converse with and breaks are rare. It is important to allow time for her to make a call or have a quiet cup of coffee or tea during the day. Make sure that your expectations are clear and acceptable to both parties.

Not Outlining the Terms of the Contract in Writing

It is important to ensure that you have some sort of contract for both you and your nanny to sign. Regardless of whether you are planning on hiring the nanny for a short time or the whole year, a written contract binds both the parties involved and outlines what is expected of them. The contract does not have to be a legal document. Even a few pages, outlining what is expected of the nanny including the terms and conditions with respect to payment terms and job duties would suffice. Any qualified local nanny agency in your area can help you in drawing a written contract.


Hosting the Perfect Baby Shower on a Budget

A baby shower is the perfect way to bring friends and family together to honor the mommy-to-be. Though you want to give the perfect shower for the special new mommy in your life, the cost of food, decorations, and gifts can take quite a toll on your budget. A shower doesn’t have to take place at a fancy restaurant. There are several cost-effective alternatives that can occur in your home and still make for a fun and memorable day.

The Sunday Brunch

Brunch is always a crowd pleaser, and the perfect way to serve a large crowd of people on a budget. Set up a Bloody Mary bar and circulate the crowd with mimosas, non-alcoholic for the new mamma of course! Provide a table with bagels, donuts, croissants, and rolls.  Panera offers a great selection of breakfast breads that are both inexpensive and delicious. Along with breads, serve other favorites like mini-quiches, an assortment of breakfast meats, and fresh fruit. Your guest will go home full, but your pocket book won’t be empty.

The Pizza Party Couple’s Shower

A couple’s shower is a great way to recognize both the new mommy and daddy-to-be. Though some guys might feel awkward attending a baby shower, keeping things casual and informal can make the affair a lot less intimidating. Pizza is always a crowd pleaser, and an inexpensive way to serve a meal.  Start the shower with light appetizers like bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, and prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe. Add a variety of pizza’s, salads, and beer for an occasion that offers a great way for couples to mingle and have fun.

The Dessert Shower

What better way to entertain a group of ladies than with a huge buffet of desserts? The dessert shower is a fun way to celebrate and sample new treats without having the expense of a full meal. Provide a candy bar with blue or pink themed candies.  Set up tables with miniature samplings of cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and donuts.  At the end of the party, pass out bags or small take-out boxes so that the guests can take desserts to go.  You’ll be sure to have a satisfied mama and very pleased guests.

Baby News

How to Babyproof Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

If you don’t want to run around the house looking for hazardous situations all the time with your infant on the loose, reconsider babyproofing it. Babyproofing is an essential precautionary measure which rectifies all the situations that can hurt your baby. The best part about it is that it is not always an expensive proposition and can be done without spending a fortune. Some cost-effective babyproofing techniques are listed below.

Electric outlets duct tapping:

The electric box around the corner inspires the little explorers most. In order to stop your child from mischiefs with the electric outlet you can simply create obstructions which make it unreachable for the little hands. Either place something heavy in front of the outlet or cover it with duct tape. Both the techniques can be equally helpful in stopping the child from poking fingers in the outlet. The duct tape can later be easily removed when the electric outlet needs to be used.

Rubber Bumpers for corners:

The corners can be very dangerous for the infants. The infants can be protected from the corners by simple remedial actions. Rubber coating the corners can be very expensive but as an alternate, the tennis balls can be used as a home based remedy. The tennis balls can be cut from the center and placed on the corners appropriately fixed. This shall protect the infants from bumping into the corners.

Safety baby gates:

Baby gates can be made at the entrance of the kitchen or before the stairs etc. This stops the crawling toddlers from entering into the no-go zones of the house and hence keeps the children safe and secure. The safety gates have always been used in houses where there are many rooms to protect the baby from tripping or hurting themselves. The baby gates are available in many stores and attractive discounts can be availed using the Kohls coupons.

Locks for cabinets:

It is essential for the mothers to make sure that the cabinets located on the floor where the little hands of the toddler can reach are closed and locked. This protects the babies from hurting themselves. It must be taken care that the sharp objects such as knives are not kept inside the floor cabinets. All the cabinets and fridge must be kept locked for the safety of the infants.

Slip proofing rugs:

The rugs which are placed on the floor are very slippery. The toddlers can slip on the floor or triple from the rugs. Hence it is necessary for the mothers to make sure that the rugs are not placed on dangerous locations where the child can slip. For the protection of the toddlers the rugs shall be replaced with floor mats or they shall be ensured to be fixed. Good deals of slip proofing rugs can be acquired using the Kohls coupons.

Fixing furniture to the walls:

The furniture in the house without toddlers is managed in a very different manner. The presence of the little explorer requires that the furniture is safeguarded in such a way that the infants must not get harmed. The furniture which is not attached to the walls and is delicate must be fixed on the priority basis. The bookshelves and other cabinets need to be anchored with the wall using appropriate plates and screws. Same is the case with television lying on the table should be wall mounted at the earliest.


It’s Time to Gratify the Young and Mom with Pampers

Going out with your little baby is now day very difficult task. You need to pay more attention towards your baby wetness. In a different environment, we cannot guess the baby’s reaction. They do wet out dress or the places where we are in sudden and unexpected time. There we cannot do clean the place. And, we become difficult to wash our clothes in outer areas. Therefore, most of the mother does not take their kids out to any of the long or the special places. Whether you are going for the parties or the malls or else even visiting your relative’s house. The kids do not know to make the difference. But still, we cannot be at the home itself without taking our child to the outer areas. Therefore, it is our duty to be precaution and be aware before we met the problems.

Hassles of the mother with local diapers:

Diapers are made from the plastic and cotton. This is the mixture of many components and the materials such as cotton, plastic, silicon and the poly ethane materials. They are all not safe for the babies’ soft surface. As the surfaces of the baby are not very suitable for adopting the new world environments, their skin and the surface cannot accept the new material. Hence some opportunities are there to give the problems for the baby’s most sensitive skin. Some of the hassles for baby skin are as follows.

  • Has the chance to get the redness on the sensitive part.
  • May get the irritating sensational.
  • Rashes due to the witness will not get dry.

These are the most common problems which are all faces by the baby. Due to these kinds of problems, the mother also cannot be calm and happy. It makes the mother feel very bad and helpless. To make the mother happy, we need to do something better diaper for the safety of the young ones. This is considered as the society’s duty to do so. Diapers must be very safe and be natural to accept the baby’s sensitive skin. As like that, Pampers came for the market.

What does pamper diaper gives?

Pampers are made from the super quality material. They are really coming to the market after many clinically tested successfully. Therefore, it does give the irritating sensation to the baby’s skin. Then the wetness also gets dry easily. Therefore, mothers no need to worry a lot. The baby and the skin will get the smile after used this pampers. You can change the diaper only once in three hours. Therefore, you can take your kid where ever you want without any hesitation. Then the disposal of the diaper is also really very simple. Pampers aanbieding is the best way to buy pampers at low cost. You can just remove the diaper and then fold it in the paper or the carry bag then through it off.

Baby Health

Keep Your Family Safe from Mosquito-borne Diseases

Nobody likes pesky mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can ruin a backyard barbecue or a tropical vacation with their annoying hum and the itchy and painful welts they leave.

Dealing with mosquitoes may be more serious than a few bites and an evening occupied with constant swatting. Mosquitoes also carry potentially dangerous mosquito-borne diseases, and care should be taken to avoid them.

Where are mosquitos found?

A more appropriate question may be, where can mosquitoes not be found? Mosquitoes thrive mostly in hot and humid conditions, though the real requirement for them to survive and multiply is stagnant water. Though common in the areas below, there are species which survive in places as cold as the Arctic Circle.

• Tropics
• North America
• Europe
• Asia
• Africa

Mosquito-borne diseases:

Diseases contracted by mosquitoes can bring about miserable flu-like symptoms, and usually, people recover. However, they can leave behind lasting adverse effects, cause birth defects or even death.

Here are some of the most common diseases and where you are most likely to contract them:
• Malaria- Malaria has been a fatal disease in Africa for decades. Many advances have been made in recent years to control malaria.
• West Nile- West Nile is found in Northern America.
• Zika- The Zika virus was first discovered in Africa in 1947. After making its way to Brazil, it moved to the U.S in 2015. It is found in Mexico and southern states such as Florida and Texas. It is very dangerous for pregnant women since it causes serious birth defects.
• Dengue- Dengue is prevalent in warmer climates in Asia and Mexico.
• Chikungunya- This disease is found in Asia and Africa primarily but has recently been found in Mexico and warmer European climates.

How to keep your family safe at home:

In communities and areas where mosquitoes are prevalent traditional mosquito control is practiced routinely. For this to be effective, the pest control companies use various pesticides which help control mosquitoes at the larva, pupa, and adult stages. Though the traditional mosquito control methods are very valuable, it is important for the individual to protect themselves and their families from these mosquito-borne diseases.

Here is a list of considerations for your personal battle against mosquitoes:

• Screens
• Fans- Fans are helpful especially when sleeping. Mosquitoes can’t function in the wind.
• Netting
• No standing water- Do not leave dishes soaking or extra water in flower pots.
• Plants that repel- There are many plants which provide a natural deterrent to mosquitoes and other unwanted pests:

o Marigolds
o Basil
o Lavender
o Garlic
o Lemongrass

• Repellent
• Protective clothing

How to keep your family safe from mosquito-borne disease while traveling:

Do your homework before leaving on a trip. Make sure you bring the proper repellent and clothing. Know where to seek medical attention if the need arises. Most mosquito bites are just temporary irritations, but if you develop flu-like or other symptoms days after being bitten contact a healthcare professional.

Life in Schools

Super Face Painting Tips to Impress Your Kids

There is something about face painting that children really seem to love.  Maybe it is related to their fascination with dress-up, with putting on a costume and pretending to be a super hero or a princess or something else.

As such, of course, many parents consider hiring a clown or other Right Choice Children’s Entertainment face painting Toronto artist for parties but you may find that this is something you could do yourself.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated—like an award-winning makeup job in Hollywood or Broadway.  You can do simple face painting with very little knowledge and experience; but here’s a few tips to get you started.

Always Use Quality Face Paint

This might seem obvious but many people don’t read labels. I can’t blame you: you are busy planning a party and running errands, let alone your work schedule and family time. But it is important not to skimp on the face paint quality.  Children often have more sensitive skin than life-seasoned adults, so make sure you use water-based paint whenever possible.  They are easier to work with and also easier to clean.  They are also easier to fix if you make a mistake—which is common for the inexperienced face painter.

Always Use Clean Sponges

With every application make sure to use a clean makeup sponge.  Again, this might seem obvious, but in the heat of things—when you have a line of children waiting—it might seem that you can just reuse the same sponge if you aren’t changing colors.  But children can have different sensitivities and using a new sponge for each child (and for each different application of paint) ensures the most hygienic environment.

Always a 3-step System

As it is with most makeup, you can apply face paint in a series of steps. The easiest—and most common—series to follow is only 3 steps. First, apply a base layer of color using a wedge sponge. Start with lighter colors and then layer darker shades over the top.  Second, draw the picture or the details of the design with brushes and color them.  Finally, add the finishing touches as necessary.

Always Use Unscented Wipes

When it comes time to clean up, make sure to use unscented wet [facial] wipes.  This is clean and efficient and prevents unwanted staining of your household towels.