How to Babyproof Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

How to Babyproof Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

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If you don’t want to run around the house looking for hazardous situations all the time with your infant on the loose, reconsider babyproofing it. Babyproofing is an essential precautionary measure which rectifies all the situations that can hurt your baby. The best part about it is that it is not always an expensive proposition and can be done without spending a fortune. Some cost-effective babyproofing techniques are listed below.

Electric outlets duct tapping:

The electric box around the corner inspires the little explorers most. In order to stop your child from mischiefs with the electric outlet you can simply create obstructions which make it unreachable for the little hands. Either place something heavy in front of the outlet or cover it with duct tape. Both the techniques can be equally helpful in stopping the child from poking fingers in the outlet. The duct tape can later be easily removed when the electric outlet needs to be used.

Rubber Bumpers for corners:

The corners can be very dangerous for the infants. The infants can be protected from the corners by simple remedial actions. Rubber coating the corners can be very expensive but as an alternate, the tennis balls can be used as a home based remedy. The tennis balls can be cut from the center and placed on the corners appropriately fixed. This shall protect the infants from bumping into the corners.

Safety baby gates:

Baby gates can be made at the entrance of the kitchen or before the stairs etc. This stops the crawling toddlers from entering into the no-go zones of the house and hence keeps the children safe and secure. The safety gates have always been used in houses where there are many rooms to protect the baby from tripping or hurting themselves. The baby gates are available in many stores and attractive discounts can be availed using the Kohls coupons.

Locks for cabinets:

It is essential for the mothers to make sure that the cabinets located on the floor where the little hands of the toddler can reach are closed and locked. This protects the babies from hurting themselves. It must be taken care that the sharp objects such as knives are not kept inside the floor cabinets. All the cabinets and fridge must be kept locked for the safety of the infants.

Slip proofing rugs:

The rugs which are placed on the floor are very slippery. The toddlers can slip on the floor or triple from the rugs. Hence it is necessary for the mothers to make sure that the rugs are not placed on dangerous locations where the child can slip. For the protection of the toddlers the rugs shall be replaced with floor mats or they shall be ensured to be fixed. Good deals of slip proofing rugs can be acquired using the Kohls coupons.

Fixing furniture to the walls:

The furniture in the house without toddlers is managed in a very different manner. The presence of the little explorer requires that the furniture is safeguarded in such a way that the infants must not get harmed. The furniture which is not attached to the walls and is delicate must be fixed on the priority basis. The bookshelves and other cabinets need to be anchored with the wall using appropriate plates and screws. Same is the case with television lying on the table should be wall mounted at the earliest.

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