Why Wooden Toys Are Better for Kids than Plastic Ones

Why Wooden Toys Are Better for Kids than Plastic Ones

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When trying to select playmates (as toys) for kids, parents need to consider whether to select plastic ones or go for more natural and safe wooden toys. Here is more at stake than just buying an entertainment item for kids. Parents have to consider safety for kids and the environment before making a selection. It is confusing to come to a decision without all the facts at hand. So, here we are offering parents a few suggestions why wooden toys are best for kids rather than plastic ones.

Wooden Toys are Easy To Recycle: We all know that plastic is harmful to the environment being unrecyclable. And as social beings we need to do our part in saving the environment. Surprisingly, you can contribute to nature when you are trying to buy the best toy for your kids, by selecting toys made of wood. When you view wooden toys by John Crane and other modern wooden playable items for kids, you would know that these wooden toys are made from trees from sustainable forests. Here a balance of cutting and planting trees is maintained to replenish the source. Therefore, it doesn’t harm the environment at all, while putting a smile on your kid’s face.

Plastic is Harmful: Plastic is not exactly good for your children to keep around. As toddlers show a habit of putting toys in mouth, plastic toys can put them at risk of being poisoned. However, wooden toys are made from natural products that are not toxic to your kids, therefore, crossing off the risk of poisoning. Plus, plastic toys are painted with chemicals that can react to your kid’s skin or do more harm when consumed. On the other hand, natural elements of wooden toys can keep your kids happy and healthy.

Plastic Toys Break Easily: In comparison, wood will always win over plastic in durability. Wood is organic and its’ link between molecules is much stronger than plastic. Therefore, buying your kids a wooden toy would be an investment of a lifetime. Plus, as plastic can break pretty easily, there stands a risk of your kid accidentally consuming them or slicing their hands, legs, face on a sharp edge. But, wood doesn’t break easily, so you kid can play safely and you can rest easy.

Plastic Becomes Toxic With Age: When you are looking for the perfect toys for your kids, you need to view wooden toys by John Crane and other natural products rather than plastic ones. Why? Because with time plastic becomes more toxic, reacting with the environment and temperature. However, wood doesn’t react to natural hazard therefore, your kids can always turn to their old wooden toys to enjoy a good fun time.

Your kids are your world and you need to offer them something that has meaning and roots to their heritage. What better to choose other than wooden toys that really had roots socially and physically. Plus, wooden toys can make your child nostalgic about the time they have spent with their toys playing funny games in their childhood. These are the memories that plastic toys cannot offer.

So, think hard before making a choice about buying toys for your kid. It may seem like an easy choice with all those shiny plastic toys decorated in the stores. But, if you give it a thought, you would understand that plastic toys will never be the trustworthy play companion you seek for your kids, which only wooden toys can offer.

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